Tamoxifen – full information on the drug Indications for use, how to use, side effects

As an antitumor agent tamoxifen use in breast cancer in postmenopausal women (the body’s condition after menopause is characterized by decreased function of female sex glands and reverse the development of reproductive organs); cancer of the endometrium (uterine lining), as well as anovulatory infertility (infertility caused by lack of egg maturation in the ovaries).


Pharmachologic effect:

The mechanism of antiestrogen (preventing the formation or action of female sex hormones) actions of tamoxifen due to its ability to competitively bind to estrogen receptors (cell-wall sections, which interact with female sex hormones) in the target organs and prevent thus the formation estrogenretseptornogo complex with the endogenous ligand (interacting with receptors biological substances produced in the body) – 17-beta-estradiol. see more



Indications for use:

As an antitumor agent tamoxifen use in breast cancer in postmenopausal women (the body’s condition after menopause is characterized by decreased function of female sex glands and reverse the development of reproductive organs); cancer of the endometrium (uterine lining), as well as anovulatory infertility (infertility caused by lack of egg maturation in the ovaries).



Mode of application:

Assign inside a pill. When breast cancer take 20-40 mg 1-2 times a day; Endometrial cancer – 30-40 mg 1-2 times a day; with anovulatory infertility by 10 mg 2 times a day for 4 consecutive days, starting on the 2nd day of menstruation. Subsequent four-day cycles can be increased to 20-40 mg dose 2 times a day.



Side effects:

Possible side effects: gastrointestinal disturbances, dizziness, skin rash, hypercalcemia (increased calcium in the blood), thrombocytopenia (decrease in platelets in the blood). There may be a moderate metrorrhagia (uterine bleeding); in this case, reduce the dose. It was also noted the development of thrombosis (formation of a blood clot in a vessel). At high doses may occur changes in the retina.




The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy.




Tablets of 0.01 grams (10 mg); 0.02 g (20 mg); 0.04 g (40 mg).



Storage conditions:

In the dark place at room temperature.




Zitazonium, Tamoksifer citrate, Nolvadex, Tamaksin, Tamofen, Tamopleks, Tsitofen, Nolte, Valodeks, Zemid, Tamifen.



Pharmacological group:

  • Medicines used for the treatment of malignant tumors
  • Sex hormone antagonists
  • antiestrogens




Description “Tamoxifen” drug on this page is a simplified and enlarged version of the official instructions for use. Before purchasing or using the product, you should consult your doctor and see the summary approved by the manufacturer. Read more

Information about the preparation is provided for informational purposes only and should not be used as a guide to self-medication. Only a doctor can decide on the appointment of the drug, and to determine the dosage and how to use it.

Tamoxifen tablets used in bodybuilding, reviews and prices of Tamoxifen

The main advantages

  • Blocking estrogen receptors
  • Increased LH and testosterone
  • Raising high-density cholesterol


Tamoxifen refers to the group of anti-estrogen drugs. It blocks estrogen receptors, preventing the development of tumors and, in particular, gynecomastia in men.

Action substances includes restoring testosterone that liquids and reducing cholesterol levels.

Tamoxifen: description

The active substance was developed back in 1971 and became the first member of the class election estrogen receptor modulators. Currently, manufacturers are producing tablets Tamoxifen Nolvadex and its equivalent for medical use in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer in women and men. The structure is a non-steroidal drug substance derived triphenylethylene with a complex structure. Read more

Cost Tamoxifen depending, he or import of Russian production may vary considerably, but the active substance is no difference. The drug is highly bioavailable, well absorbed in the stomach and achieves a maximum blood concentration of 2 peaks. The first peak falls within the first 1-6 hours after administration of the tablet, the second – after 24-44 hours. In general circulation of the drug in the blood reaches a long period of time. It excreted drug for 3-18 days depending on the dose.

Side effects of Tamoxifen 10 shows quite often, more or less pronounced. It should be noted that the side effects observed in all classes of drugs selective modulators of estrogen. The main impact falls on the endocrine system, but does not show any androgenic or antiandrogenic effect.

Male side effects may be expressed in weight reduction in testes, prostate and seminal vesicles, which can result in long-term use of the drug for impotence and infertility. The tablets may lead to abnormal liver function, reduce the levels of glucose and leukocytes, cause bile stasis.

In Moscow and other Russian cities to buy Tamoxifen just in our store, and indeed analogues of the drug due to the widespread use in the treatment of breast cancer. It is important to remember that the drug does not stop aromatization process, and blocks the estrogen receptor, so that the free estrogens can not join them. So, testosterone is converted into estrogen in the blood remains and can cause some reverse reaction. Therefore, it is recommended to take the drug together with Proviron.

This tool is indirectly responsible for the stimulation of the fat burning process. Most athletes use it directly in front of the competition by adding your muscles dryness.

Tamoxifen bodybuilding

The drug is widespread among bodybuilders, weightlifters and powerlifters. This is due to the fact that many steroid Courses causing flavoring process of testosterone and its transition into estrogen, which leads to edema, gynecomastia, and other troubles.

Using Tamoxifen bodybuilding, athletes are preventing the side effects of steroids or eliminate the symptoms have emerged. The drug is an integral part of most of steroid courses. Many athletes in bodybuilding reviews confirmed that the drug dries muscles, gives additional flexibility and stiffness, while not manifesting itself on the tests. Another reason for the use of such tools in bodybuilding is its ability to return to normal production of natural testosterone, which drops sharply after the course of anabolic steroids. It is also a means of bodybuilding is valued for property blocking the accumulation of water in the body.

The daily dosage of the drug starts from 10-20 mg in the first week of administration, and is brought to 30-40 mg per day. Athletes should start taking the drug for 1-2 weeks prior to the completion of steroids, and then continue for another 2-3 weeks.

Tamoxifen: reviews

The product has earned a good reputation as an anti-estrogen, preventing the side effects of steroids. Athletes who ignore them, then forced to turn to surgeons to solve problems with gynecomastia. While reviews of tamoxifen athletes taking the drug, noted the absence of any side effects associated with steroids, flavoring and converting them into estrogen.

Our site operates forum where comments about the drug leaves real people while experienced athletes. You can have a conversation with the authors views and learn the details of their experience of taking the drug. Also at the Forum are specialists who are ready at any time to answer all the questions and choose a course of the drug.

If you pursue a course of steroids, reviews of Tamoxifen can help you make sure it is necessary. Do not neglect or treat serious possible side effects of steroids. In addition, some athletes individual reaction occurs even at the lightest steroids.

You can leave your feedback about tablets Tamoxifen on our forum, if you already have the experience of taking the medication and want to share it. Your opinion will be especially interesting for beginners or amateur athletes, but decides on its first steroid course. More info

Reviews generally characterized as an excellent anti-estrogen drug, safe in reasonable doses and quite affordable. He just needs to those who do not want to worry about the appearance of gynecomastia or take powerful drugs that block the aromatization.

Tamoxifen: prices

In various online pharmacies and drug stores cost may differ materially. Our online store offers the best price on the Farm, with a minimum trading margin. A large number of intermediaries most sellers usually leads to the fact that the price of Tamoxifen tablets becomes prohibitively expensive. We work directly with manufacturers or their direct suppliers, so we can not afford to lower trading margin.

The price of Tamoxifen pills in our online store does not change just like that, and if it changes, it is only beneficial to the client side. In addition, when you make a large order your cost of goods may become even more favorable due to the action of our discounted system.

Choosing where to buy the drug, pay attention to the reputation of the seller. Too low prices pharma may be a sign of poor quality or expired medication.

Where to buy Tamoxifen

Our online store provides the opportunity to purchase the anti-estrogen and steroids, fat burners and more people in Russia and Kazakhstan. Now you can buy Tamoxifen, living in Moscow or any other locality of these countries with delivery by mail. In our online store in just a few seconds, you can order, and our operators as soon as possible it will collect and send. You no longer need to wonder where making a purchase, if you do not live in Moscow. Within 15 days, the maximum order will come to your post office, although delivery times depend exclusively on efficiency of work mail.

We guarantee the quality of our products, and our reputation is confirmed by years of work and reviews of satisfied customers. Here you can order Tamoxifen is relatively inexpensive, and be confident in the quality of the drug. Payment via WebMoney system for maximum reliability and security of transfers of funds.

Buy Tamoxifen is a must to any athlete who takes steroids. It will be safe and not to worry about the occurrence of possible side effects.

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Tamoxifen bodybuilding – application rates and side effects

Tamoxifen has the ability to deal with the excesses of estradiol, which occurs in the body due to the use of flavoring agents during hormone therapy and after its completion. After completing the course AAS’s own production of testosterone decreases significantly, and the body begins to produce instead of testosterone, estradiol, which finally destroys testosterone. But there are ways to combat these phenomena.

Buy tamoxifen

Tamoxifen, as well as Clomid may join estradiol receptors and block them. They block estrogen receptors, but have no effect on the levels of estrogen and the reduction is important not only to suppress the activity of estradiol and lower estrogen levels in the blood. This can be done with the help of anti-estrogen drugs such as Proviron.

Tamoxifen powerful Clomid several times. Therefore, the dosage of tamoxifen – 20-40 mg and Clomid – 50-100 mg. Research Clomid and tamoxifen have shown that is possible to increase the level of testosterone by 42% in 10 days if used tamoxifen 20 mg daily. A Clomid for this would take 150 mg per day.


Tenstosteron in the body is produced by exposure to the testes of luteinizing hormone (LH). The PH is, the more testosterone. LH produced by the pituitary gland and its production affects the hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). The hypothalamus regulates the production of GnRH depending on the level of testosterone and estradiol in the blood. In the production of GnRH it has a negative impact both too low and too high a level of estradiol. read more

Clomid increases LH only in the specified period of 10 minutes, and then it lowers it. Therefore, to use Clomid for more than 10 days is meaningless. Tamoxifen increases the PH 6 consecutive weeks.

In the blood estradiol and testosterone are often in the form of a bound. They are related to a particular protein – SHBG. This means that the bound form of any one of these hormones do not exert their activity. Clomid increases the level of SHBG in the blood, and tamoxifen – no. This is on one hand useful because estradiol is in a bound state, and therefore it is inactive, and on the other hand, also inactive and testosterone, which are already harmful.

The benefits of tamoxifen include the fact that this drug increases the level of high-density cholesterol. The second advantage stems from the fact that tamoxifen – a very mild estrogen, which significantly shows its estrogenic activity in the liver, and this has a positive effect on the entire body.

Clomid We still have one advantage over tamoxifen. Tamoxifen, although only slightly, but still reduce the possibility of developing a body of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), and Clomid, which manifests itself as estrogen in the liver are not so active, it has the disadvantage of a lesser degree.

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